Mike Fergie


Sports team

my favourite team is Arsenal but they make me sad

Pool player rating

I can't swim without armbands


i reallly like sheds… they are my favourite.. i have a passion for garden sheds.. mmm sheds *dribble* sorry i was thinking about sheds.

Favourite Joke

This is a good one..
are you ready for the joke… its a really good joke i can't wait to tell you the joke..
sorry I'm laughing too much to say it .. wait
i actually have tears in my eyes
well its not actually a joke but i like awful puns

If you went to wok 2 go and they took ages to serve you .. it would be a wok to slow

if you ate it after the gym it would be a wok to grow..

if your bro bought it for you it would be a wok to bro

If i have a child ill be Dadley mills
If I'm upset il be sadly mills..

don't judge me

Favourite food and drink

I like them both

Favourite Music

I like that too

Contact me

01202 555495
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